Friday, July 18, 2014

Flat Out Awesome!! :) :) :D

This Guy is liek a Real Bill Watterson or Charlie Brown - A True Artist who Loves GOD, JESUS, and KIP MCKEAN!! ;)  :DD

He is the Most Super Awesomest Crankinger Flat-Out Fired-Up Awesome Cranker!!

Preach It Bro to a Bitter and Hard-HEarted Generation! GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!

New Official Kingdom Words: Great Greater Awesome Awesomer Cranking Crankingly Awesome Super MEga FLAT OUT Crankingly Awesome!! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Totally Awesome Funny KIngdom Cartoons! :) :D

GUys! Your not gonna Believe This!


A new Freind contacted me and He loves Kip Mckean and the Kingdom of God TOO!

And hes a Very Talented Artist and Drawer!

He has All these Great Cartoons about how Awesome the Kingdom Is! And there SO FUNNY!  :)   :))   :D

Heres one Now!

Awesome Cartoon About Kip McKean and the International Christian CHurch!

This is SO ENCOURAGING!  Look at how this Cranking Disciple brings a Visitor to Church! Thats Flat Awesome!!!

And even though the Visitor is nervous, Thankfully All of the Faithful Disciples are Super Friendly with her and want to Help her get Saved! And opening up there Hearts and Everything!!

"Have you Ever had an Abortion? I have!" WOWWW!! WHat a Way to Open Up your Heart Sister!!

"You Have a Really Nice Skull!" How Encouraging !!  :) :D

There are SO MANY reasons to Love the Sold-Out Discipling Movement (SODM) and the Flat-Out Cranking Kingdom of Godd!!!   :D  :D   :'D  And Disciples are Not Even Crazy At All! That's the Funniest Part of the Whole Joke!!  ;P  :)

Im SO Excited to have such Great Talent working to Advance God's Kingdom!!   :))  :D   :P

Monday, April 28, 2014

GIrlfriends :) :)) :D

Girlfriends are this Awesome Thing that we have in the Kingdom of God.

When you are REally Spiritual and can Stay Pure for a Long Time, then youre Discipler may give you Permission to have a Girlfriend!

This is Really AWESOME because it helps you be Relateable to the World :) :))

Cuz Sometimes people thing its Wierd if U never have a Girlfriend. Like, Why does the Guy Never had a Girlfriend? Maybe hes GAY?

SO it helps us to be Relateable. People that your inviting to Church can say, Hey, I like this Guy, he has a Girlfriend, and he Probably Isnt Gay and isnt going to try to have Gay Sex with me after I go to CHurch with him! Plus Gayness is like Not Pleasing to God so that would be Very Bad!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Sister Interest :) :) :)

Im so FIRED UP! I just got to go out with my SISTER INTEREST.

If your new to the Kingdom, Sister Interest is a term that all True Disciples of the Lord use to talk about a Sister in the Church that they have a Interest in.

That is, a Really Cute Girl that you might want to make youre Girlfriend!

You have to work really Hard and be reallY Sprititual so your Discipler can in Good COnschience allow you to take on the Great Responsibility of Leading a Sister in her Spiritual Walk iwth the Lord.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Strugglin Strugglin :( ':(

I'm really Struggling right now.

If you are new and don't know what that means, Struggling is the Kingdom word for having a hard time staying spiritual.

Kingdom words are words that we use in the Kingdom. The Kingdom is the International Christian Churches, which are the One True Church. It used to be the International Church of Christ, but then God and Kip left it, so they had to start a new church - the ICC!! :)  :)) :D

If you aren't part of the Kingdom yet, I'm glad your here, because its time for you to REPENT and be BAPTIZED for the Forgivness of your Sins so you can be SAVED!

But make sure you study the Bible and get baptized at our church, because if you dont, your baptism wont be Valid. That would be Very Bad. Youd just be Getting Wet!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kingdom Glossary Part 1

Here Is Where We Post Words We Love And What They Mean

If your New to The Kingdom and DOnt Know allot About It - Youve Come to the Right Place! Cuz Im gonna Explain it to Ya Plain :)  :))

Theyres Allot of Words that only True Disciples in the One True Church (OTC) of God Use. Thats One Way U can Know that its the True Kingdom of God - When they Talk like Disciples! "YOu will KNow that there my Disciples)

So Lets get down to some Awesome Kingdom Words!  :)

Awesome - "Real Good" - Our Favorite Word to Encourage our Brothesr and Sisters in Gods Kingdom :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WTH? Buttsex Lies About Kip McKean's Discipler?? :( :(( :'(((

I cant even BELIEVE what some bitter, hardhearted lukewarm flat-out tanking LIARS are trying to say.

Kip McKean was converted by a PERV who liked to have BUTTSEX with the CHURCHBOYS in his ministry?


What's this guy's deal even?? HE was obviously never part of the SODM! I'm surprised Kip even talked to him! FLAT TANKING........

And OF COURSE, some Bitter, Lost Non-Christian claims that even Kip fell into Gay Sin with this guy.

Just because Kip was supposedly Really Good Friends with this guy Chick Lucas (that name DOES sound really GAY) doesn't mean that anything Happened.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Did you read the latest Good NEws Email?


Kip Totally attacks all the Luke-Warm Fake Christians out there who try to criticize the Sold-Out Discipling MOvement of Sold-Out Cranking Disciples!

What Hypocrites! HAHA!

He talks about how people try to call our church a "CULT" and say were "BRAINWASHED" and have "MIND CONTROL" !!


Cuz WE know that THERE the ones whose Brains need to get Washed! LOL!!  Cuz THERE the ones   under Mind Control -- By the DEVIL!!!  :(   :((    :(((

Monday, March 17, 2014

Coolest! Site! Ever!



Did you know that Kip McKean has his VERY OWN WEBSITE???

Like, An OFFICIAL One Besides Mine??


Its so cool!

It has all these stories about when he was little, and his family, and how he rose up to bring the TRUE GOSPEL to All Nations!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Great News Guys!

Hey Guys! I Got some Great News!!

I was feeling pretty sad last night what with all of these pepple calling Kip a Cult Leader and talking bad about the Church and everything.

Actually, I was big-time struggling!

But then I just remembered what they told me in my Bible Studies. People used to called Jesus's church a cult too! So when people call us a Cult that just proves that we are right!

So every person who calls the Church a Cult or who call Kip MCKean a Cult Leader and Sociopath are just CONFIRMING that Kip is GODS MAN and the the Church is teh ONE TRUE CHURCH!!!  :)  :)  :)  :D

I feel so much better now!!

Well, except for the Fact that Im Hungry and my Rommates ate ALL of my last Ramen Noodles and Nobody will tell me who it even Was!

C'mon guys thats Not Even Cool!  SOmebodys gotta like seriously REPENT or something over here!   :/   :(    :'O